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Is Persona 4 Golden worth it? Japanese Gamer’s Review.

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This article is about my thoughts after playing the classic RPG “Persona 4 Golden”.

I’ve been careful to avoid spoilers, so if you’re not sure if you want to play this game, please refer to this article!

So let’s start with a look at Persona 4 Golden’s synopsis.

If you already know it, skip ahead to ” Persona4 Golden makes you want to play it again after clearing it “.

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What is the appeal of Persona 4 Golden?

Synopsis of Persona 4 Golden.

The setting of “Persona4 Golden” is the quiet country town of Yasoinaba.

The story of the protagonist and his friends begins with a series of murders that occur in this town.

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Due to his parents’ work schedule, the protagonist spends his sophomore year of high school at his uncle’s house.

Soon after moving to the new school, he hears a strange rumor about “Mayonaka TV”.

Later, it turns out that it is related to a series of murders.

Together with his friends, he goes on an adventure “inside the TV” and chases the mystery of the case.

What is waiting for us at the end of the world in the TV?
And who is the culprit behind the serial murders?

The truth is, you’ll have to see for yourself!

If you are busy, I recommend the Persona4 manga(comics).

Persona4 Golden makes you want to play it again after clearing it.


As the story progresses, it is interspersed with parts where you and your friends speculate about the case.

It’s easy to review what you know so far, so even if you don’t like mysteries, you won’t be left behind.

(The case itself is not that complicated.)

The system design of this game is very friendly.

On the other hand, in the latter half of the story, the story takes an uproarious turn that makes the previous “idyllic country life” seem like a lie.

And from this serious scene, we quickly move into the final guessing part of “Who is the murderer?”

Every time I play the game, this sequence of scenes makes me think,


So wonderful !

Moreover, if you check carefully in the second week of the game, you will see that the foreshadowing is indeed done in the corresponding scene.

How the crime was committed


This means that it is possible to have an idea of these two elements before entering the second half of the mystery part.

I don’t think many players will be able to figure out the whole case before the unraveling part, because the descriptions that give big clues are sometimes over in an instant.

However, when I first played it, I felt that the game had more mystery elements than I expected.

This game is not a real mystery.

So, I think it’s good to relax your shoulders and try to guess.

The balance between gag scenes and serious scenes is exquisite.


Persona 4 is one of the more lighthearted stories in the Persona series.

I often see this kind of feedback.

I am half in agreement and half in denial about this.

The charm of Persona 4 is that it has a good balance between the daily life part and the incident part (serious), and yet it is not divided into two parts.

In a story that suddenly turns serious from a gag, many games will leave the player behind if they are not careful in how they portray the story.

If the story unfolds too abruptly, the player will be turned off by the game, but with Persona 4, you don’t need to worry about that at all.

I doubted whether Yasoinaba, which was portrayed with more gags in the first half of the story, and the city of Yasoinaba in the second half of the story were really the same place.

That’s when I came to a bad end.

It’s even better that the bad ending isn’t a “bad ending made for the convenience of the game”.

For those who are going to play the game, I highly recommend you to enjoy all the endings of the game.
(*This is my personal opinion.)

Persona 4 Golden has many challenging elements.

I think the best part of Persona 4 is the story and the characters!

However, the game also has a great system and mini-games, which I will lightly introduce.

Master the “Community” and conquer battles and everyday life!


A new system called “Commu” has been adopted from the previous Persona 3 game.

To briefly explain “Commu”, it is a system that allows you to power up your persona by interacting with your friends and townspeople (ordinary people not involved in battles or dungeons).

You will probably start out interacting to reinforce your Persona.

But on the other hand, it is also good to be able to see the other person’s problems and see unexpected developments.

You’re interacting with the characters, but you can also experience a strange feeling of being linked to reality.

The sub-events unique to the countryside are also interesting.


Persona 4 is set in a rural town, so it’s nice that the sub-events incorporate fun things you can enjoy in the countryside.

A full range of sub-events are available, including bug catching, fishing, swimming, and vegetable gardening.

The items you pick can be useful items that you can take with you to dungeons, but there are also events that occur in the city when you have certain items in your possession.

If you want to enjoy Yasoinaba, try to focus on the sub-events.

Steam or Vita if you want to play Persona 4 the Golden.

1, The storyline of this game is hard to take your eyes off from the beginning to the end!

2, It’s a game with so many sub-events that you can enjoy it even after the second week!

These points are a summary.

Note that PS Vita is no longer in production.

Next, I’ll write a discussion article for those who have already played Persona 4.

Thanks for reading this far!

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