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Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Gameplay and Spoiler-Free Thoughts.

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In this article, I will introduce the Nintendo Switch action game “Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE” and write my thoughts on playing chapter 0.


If you’ve played the “Danganronpa” series before, you’ll want to check out RainCode!

ESRB: Mature | PEGI: PEGI 16 |
USK: 16 | RARS: 18+

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Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE synopsis

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is a dark fantasy mystery action game in which players take on unsolved cases in a strange city where the rain keeps falling.

Yuma, an apprentice detective with amnesia, and Shinigami-chan, the god of death, who possesses Yuma, aim to solve the case.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE

Players will control the main character “Yuma” and solve cases that happen one after another.

In a city where it rains continuously and the super giant Amaterasu Corporation controls the city, what kind of incidents are waiting for you?

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE game system

Game system

The game progresses through two types of stories: the “Main Story” and the “Requests” sub-story.

In the main story, Yuma and Shinigami-chan work together to solve a case in Kanai Ward.

  • Incident.
  • Interviews and investigations.
  • Investigating with fellow super-detectives.
  • Complete the collection of evidence and clues.
  • Pursue the truth in the “Mystery Labyrinth,” a world where mysteries are embodied.
  • Play a Reasoning Death Match against the “Mystery Phantom,” the guardian of the Mystery Labyrinth, and win.

It appears that members of the Amaterasu Corporation, which controls Kanai Ward, are involved in the cover-up of the truth.

Mini-games in the Mystery Labyrinth

  • Reasoning Death Match
    (Choose the appropriate option and debunk the mystery monster.)
  • Three Choice Questions
    (Two or three choices. Select the appropriate choice within the time limit.)
  • Locked Room Re-Creation
    (Reproduce the trick that the murderer performed.)
  • Shinigami-chan Crisis
    (Select the appropriate word from the letters written on the barrel.)
  • GOD Shinigami
    (Select the appropriate button to eliminate obstacles created by the mysterious monster’s evil attempts.)
  • Super Deduction Finale
    (Fill in the blanks of the case that is reproduced in a picture-story format.)

Some English translation sentences may be different.

On the other hand, the sub-story, “Requests,” involves receiving requests from residents of the Kanai Ward and investigating them.

In the Kanai Ward, Yuma sees many people in trouble and in need.

Although the Amaterasu Security Department is said to play a police-like role, they are not keen on protecting ordinary citizens and do not take them seriously.

It is the detective’s mission to take their requests and help people.

The requests range from arranging books to searching for missing children.
You can enjoy a story that is different from the main story.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE

Q&A with Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE

Is there a difficulty selection for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE?

Before starting the main story, you will be given a choice.

However, Shinigami-chan gave us a line like “The difficulty level will not change no matter which one you choose”.

I cannot yet determine if the choices are related to the difficulty level.

Nevertheless, the tutorial is carefully designed so that even those who are not good at action can enjoy the game.

What is the action difficulty level for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE? Difficult?

As someone who is not good at action games, my impression was that it was relatively gentle.

It is a level of difficulty that even first-time action game players can enjoy.

If I were to compare it to the “Danganronpa” series, another title by these staff members, it would be about the same difficulty level as the first “Danganronpa”.

I am not sure about playing Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE because I get screen-sick easily.

I am also prone to screen sickness in games.

Subjectively, I did not get screen-sick while exploring the dungeon (mysterious labyrinth).

On the other hand, during free exploration of the city, I get somewhat easily sick if I change the direction of the camera too much.

There are no controls that require precise camera work, such as during battle.

So, if you are prone to screen sickness, stop moving before moving the camera during city exploration.

This is just my personal opinion, so you can judge for yourself based on this opinion.

How do I choose the skills of the Yuma?

The first priority is to choose a skill that reduces the number of choices (Solution Keys).

If there is room, it is also a good idea to take a skill that reduces the number of letters in the “Shinigami-chan Crisis” or a skill that increases the evasion ability of the Yuma in the guessing death match.

On the other hand, skills related to physical strength are not a high priority.

If you are not good at action, you may want to put one on when you have some spare skill points.

I want to raise my detective level. How can I raise it easily?

If you want to raise your detective level sufficiently before taking on the Mystery Labyrinth, you should actively take on the Requests.

In particular, Requests in the early stages (Chapter 1) are mostly simple errands, and the points you receive are 100 points.

Also, if you actively go to investigate things and people you are interested in while exploring the town, you will naturally accumulate more points.

No Spoilers: Chapter 0 Play Thoughts


This is a review of Chapter 0 of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE.

There are no fatal spoilers for the story, so if you are not sure whether or not to play it, you can refer to it.

Good points

  • Easy to play even for action beginners.
  • Story-based game, but players can control the game from the beginning.
  • Careful tutorial.

Not so good points

  • If you are a player who is used to action, chapter 0 may not be enough…
  • Long load times.
  • For those who want a fast-paced story, chapter 0 may seem a bit frustrating…

The tutorial was carefully designed to make it easy to play for those who are new to action deduction games.

If you read Shinigami-chan’s advice carefully and keep a steady pace, even those who are not good at action can clear the game at this difficulty level.

On the other hand, players who are used to action or those who expect flashy developments from the beginning like in Danganronpa may find it lacking.

Compared to the Danganronpa series…
  • The story of Chapter 0 is more like a royal mystery.
  • The operation is rather complicated and the tutorial is carefully designed.

It’s “compared to Danganronpa.”
I would like to add that the story is already very interesting from chapter 0.

Once I finish the entire main story, I will write a separate article with spoilers to share my thoughts.

The “Danganronpa” series is also recommended!

If you like mystery action games, the “Danganronpa” series by the same production team is also recommended.

I will write an introduction to this game and a spoiler discussion article for those who have already completed the game at a later date.

There is an introductory article in Japanese, so if you are interested, click here to check it out!

Translation can be conveniently done using DeepL.

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