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Games with interesting stories to play on PS5

This page contains promotions.

In this issue, we will introduce “story/worldview oriented” games that can be played on PS5.

We have carefully selected games that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced players.

Interesting games by hardware

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Persona5 ROYAL

This game is “Rated Mature”.

The “Persona” series is a series of RPGs in which each title has its own stand-alone storyline.
You can play from any title in the series!

Reference: About the “Persona” series

You can now play the very classic school RPG “Persona 5 the Royal” on PS4 with PS5!

  • The Joker (main character) is cool!
  • The action in the fight scenes is cool!
  • Exciting stroll through the city streets modeled after modern Japan!
  • Five difficulty levels to choose from.
    Enjoyable for beginners and advanced players alike!

A detailed game introduction and the differences from the previous “Persona 5” are explained in this article.

November 17, 2023 Release: Persona5 TACTICA

This game is “Rated Teen”.

Persona 5 Tactica (P5T) is the latest installment of Persona 5.

The graphics are similar to Persona Q, but the game system has been completely redesigned, making it a different game.

It is a simulation RPG that incorporates “1MORE” and “TRIBANGLE (total attack)” and emphasizes team battles more similar to Persona 5.

Start a revolutionary drama in a different world with the “Phantom Thieves” members familiar from Persona 5, as well as a girl named “Erina” who appears for the first time in Tactica!


This game is “Rated Teen”.

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action RPG that allows players to enjoy the world of the “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” series written by J.K. Rowling.

  • Beautiful graphics that faithfully reproduce the world of the movie.
  • Immersive and challenging elements that will delight fans of the original film.
  • The excitement of exploring Hogwarts and the wizarding world of the 1800s.

There are four levels of difficulty in this game.

  • Story
  • EASY
  • Normal
  • Hard

Although there are “action game” elements, the game is designed at a level of difficulty that even those who are not good at it can enjoy.

The game is also available for play by Japanese voice actors Kensho Ono (dubbed Harry Potter in Japanese) and Natsuki Hanae (Tanjiro Kamado in “Demon Slayer”, etc.).
(All audio is in Japanese.)

YouTube: [Live Broadcast] “Hogwarts Legacy” with voice actor Kensho Ono [Harry Potter].

Horizon Forbidden West

This game is for “16 years and older”.

If you want to fully appreciate the graphics and controls of the PS5, I recommend Horizon Forbidden West.

  • Epic open-world action RPG with a great appeal!
  • The world is well-crafted!
  • Embark on an unknown adventure and solve the mystery of life’s extinction crisis!

The most notable feature is the “meticulously crafted worldview.

Even the items, settlements, and the different behaviors of each tribe have been meticulously calculated and created.


There are many games that create a world view from items and clothing,
But it is rare to find a game in which even the movements of the characters are created!

There are many different tribes in Horizon Forbidden West.

With different costumes and actions set for each tribe, gamers who love adventure will definitely want to give it a try.

The game is full of challenges, whether you want to adventure to clear the ending, stop by villages and towns to explore, or enjoy flashy action battles against powerful mechanical beasts.

A PS4 version is also available!


This game is “Rated Mature”.

The action game “LOST JUDGEMENT” main character “Takayuki Yagami” is a former lawyer detective.

While working as a bullying investigator at a high school in Yokohama, he receives a request from his former colleague “Saori Shirosaki,” a lawyer, to investigate a murder case.

The case, which seems to have started with a father’s revenge for the loss of his child, has evolved into a complex intertwining of interests of the police, prosecutors, and a semi-legal group.

What is the “decision” that Yagami is forced to make amidst the chaos?

  • This action drama takes place in a cityscape modeled after Tokyo and Yokohama!
  • The cast includes popular Japanese actor Takuya Kimura and other great actors!
  • Suitable for gamers who pursue action + narrative!

Combined with the high graphics of PS5, LOST LUGMENT makes you feel like you are experiencing a movie.

A detective action game like no other, please play it!

PS4 version is also available!

Soul Hackers 2

This game is “Rated Mature”.

Atlus, the publisher, has had hits with its “Persona” series and “Shin Megami Tensei” series.

The newly released “Soul Hackers 2” is a game in which players battle using a demon summoning machine called COMP.

Since it is an RPG, it is easy to enjoy for both beginners and advanced players.

Even first-time PS5 players can easily enjoy the exhilaration of battles.

Demon Sleyer The Hinokami Chronicles

This game is “Rated Teen”.

“Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles” is an action game based on the manga “Demon Slayer”.

It is not just a character game, but a game “Demon Slayer” with a strong personality.

This is a masterpiece game that can be recommended to those who have already enjoyed Demon Slayer and to those who are not yet familiar with Demon Slayer.

It is also available for PS5, PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

  • The animation, background, and breathing (battle action) are beautiful and fun to play!
  • While tracing the original story, the game has original elements!
  • Highly recommended for action game beginners!

Demon Slayer” has also been adapted into an anime, and there are many derivative works, including an external manga.

The manga, anime, and gaiden works have been developed in a wide range of media.

The anime broadcast of “Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc” was accompanied by a world tour of the movie.

We also discuss the story of Demon Slayer.

If you want to enjoy the world of Demon Slayer more deeply, check it out as well!

Interesting games by hardware

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