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Review and Thoughts. Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village

This page contains promotions.

In this article, I will be writing a spoiler review of Demon Slayer anime movie, “To the Swordsmith Village”.

It contains spoilers for the movie.

Only those who have already read the original manga are encouraged to continue reading the article.

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Synopsis of “To the Swordsmith Village



The film “To the Swordsmith Village” consists of the following storylines.

  • Yukaku Episode 10
  • Yukaku Episode 11 (the last episode of Yukaku)
  • Jogen Demon Gathering
  • the Swordsmith Village Episode 1

The story of the Yuukaku has already been animated and broadcasted.

The new stories will be (3) and (4), “Jogen Demon Gathering” and “the Swordsmith Village Episode 1”.

Jogen Demon Cast

The cast of Demons, including those already revealed, is as follows.

  • Muzan Kibutsuji / Toshihiko Seki
  • Kokushiro / Ryotaro Okiayu NEW!
  • Doma / Mamoru Miyano
  • Akaza / Akira Ishida
  • Hantengu / Toshio Hurukawa NEW!
  • Gyokko / Kosuke Toriumi NEW!
  • Daki / Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Gyutaro / Ryota Osaka

New to this movie were the demons labeled “NEW!” in the list above.

The Infinity Castle scene was outrageously gorgeous, both in music and description!

I will discuss my impressions later.

The theme song for “the Swordsmith Village” is sung by MAN WITH A MISSION and milet’s “Kizuna No Kiseki.”

The opening theme song for the swordsmith village version is a cheerful tune, typical of a shonen manga.

While the Yuukaku version was a chic song that was both flashy and sad by aimer, the swordsmith village version seems to focus on the “Tanjiro and friends” part.

In the swordsmith village version, there will be many reliable scenes of a grown-up Tanjro.

Can’t wait to see it starting in April 2023!

Spoiler Comments after viewing the film

This section will be spoiler-free after viewing the film.

Those who have not yet listened to the animation should use caution.

Thoughts on the Yuukaku version episodes 10 and 11


I will start with my impressions from the last “VS Gyutaro battle scene” in the Yukaku version.

I was impressed by the three-dimensional sound of the explosions caused by sound breathing.

As the battle flows from the top of the building to the bottom, the sound of the explosion also flows from the top of the screen to the bottom, giving it a more realistic feel.

The scene where Tanjiro’s finger is broken by Gyutaro was also made to sound extremely painful, as if the sound of actual bones being broken had been recorded.

The scene in which the heads of the two characters are cut off and their heads fly off also has a very graphic sound.

I was particularly impressed by the strangely loud sound of the heads bouncing against the buildings while the background music was almost inaudible, a complete change from the heated battle background music immediately before the scene.

Everyone won just in time, and it was a hard-fought victory!” was evident from the background music and sound effects.


I couldn’t help but sympathize with Mr. Iguro’s last line.

Impressions of the demons appearance scene.

Muzan Kibutsuji
  • Tour around Infinity Castle with Akaza.
  • You can even see a bit of the final battle stage.
  • Flasks and test tubes are super realistic.
  • Master Muzan seems to be at the height of his discomfort.
  • Doma is creepy & comical.
  • The bleak relationship between the demons is highlighted.

This is the scene where I think the most effort has been put into the drawing in this movie.

The castle is guided by the wanderer as Akaza jumps around the endless castle.

I think he was casually guiding us to the stage of the final battle as well, because we could see what looks like a pond and many stick-like pillars.

Other scenes are too beautiful to be missed by you.
(Let’s see the test tubes in the cinema!)

Doma was both unfathomable and comical.
(I never thought I’d see a gag face at a Jogen meeting…)

Kokushiro and Akaza are even more nasty than in the manga.

Gyokko’s creepy annoyance came to the fore.

Hantengu makes us think that he is not a big deal among the demons that appeared in this issue.

And Muzan is strangely quiet.

However, I was churning in my gut when my favorite Gyutaro was killed….

There should have been a gag scene (?) in the middle of the film, but it was ridiculously heavy. But it was a very heavy scene.

And the way Kokushiro spoke, his tone of voice was similar to that of the swordsman who appeared in the next scene.

The Swordsmith Village Episode 1.

the sordthumith village
  • Mysterious swordsman and Tanjiro’s ancestors
  • Mr. Goto, a man of precious common sense
  • Cute Kanawo being pissed off.
  • Daily scene after the Jogen meeting. Good contrast.
  • The village of the swordsmith is a hot spring resort
  • Ms. Kanroji is very cheerful!
  • Genya-kun makes an appearance.
  • End with Muichirou-kun and Kotetsu-kun appearance scene. Go to the second episode.

About the red-haired swordsman who appeared in Tanjiro’s dream.

He somehow resembles Kokushiro in the way he speaks.

I thought, “If it’s the same voice actor…?” I thought it was, but it wasn’t.

I wondered if they were speaking in a similar way and tone to each other.

After the Jogen power harassment meeting, the scene at the Butterfly House is very relaxing.

Power harassment meeting → human scene

By alternating scenes in the above order, the goodness of human beings and the preciousness of everyday scenes are emphasized.

Compared to Goto-san, who is in the common sense person frame, Tanjiro and Zenitsu can also be classified in the superhuman frame….
(not to mention Inosuke…)

The description of effort, training, and injuries are carefully done, but the differences in talent and physique are also realistically portrayed, Demon Slayer.

The village of the swordsmith reminded me of the hot spring resort town of Hakone.

It makes me want to go to a hot spring.

In the scene in the first episode, Ms. Kanroji was so cheerful that it was easy to understand someone’s line, “Just by being here, I feel cheered up.

The scene where she is looking forward to her dinner is really cute. A must-see!

The scene where he plays with Nezuko is also very heartwarming to watch.

By the way, the scene where Nezuko appears… is it foreshadowed in the latter half of the story?

It is a certain part of the anime original scene, but those who have read the original story should make sure to check it out.

It seems that Genya-kun and Muichirou-kun will be coming out in earnest from now on.

I am looking forward to April.

Official Web site: Demon Slayer World Tour 2023

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