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【Rengoku Kyoujuro Gaiden】What is the past of one of the most strongest Hashira, Rengoku Kyoujuro?

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In this article, I will write about “Rengoku Kyoujuro Gaiden” from the manga “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba–Stories of Water and Flame”.

The original “Blade of Demon Slayer” was written by Gotouge Koyoharu, and the “Rengoku Kyoujuro Gaiden” introduced here is an official spin-off manga by Ryoji Hirano.

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What is Rengoku Kyoujirou Gaiden?

This story takes place before the main story of “Demon Slayer” begins.

In “Demon Slayer,” the main character was Tanjiro Kamakado.

However, in this Gaiden, the main character is the Flame Hashira, Kyoujuro Rengoku, who is one of the strongest demon slayer ” Hashira,” or pillar of the sword.

However, at the beginning of this story, Kyoujuro is not a ” Flame Hashira”.

This is the story of Kyoujuro’s career up to the time he became the ” Flame Hashira”.

The story is about how Mitsuri Kanroji, who later became the ” Love Hashira,” was just a new recruit at the time of the story.

The story also includes the appearances of other Hashira, such as the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and many others, making this an outside story with many highlights!

Thoughts on Rengoku Kyoujuro Gaiden.

Powerful battle description! Kyoujuro is so cool!


Of special note is the scene where the Demon Slayers fight demons in the streets.

  • Kyoujuro’s breath of flame is breathtaking!
  • Kagen-no-2’s demon firearms vs. breath of flame!
  • Mitsuri Kanroji’s supple combat!

There is always a sense of tension as they battle in the crowded streets, defending themselves against civilians.

The confrontation between the horrifying shadows and firearms of the demons of Kagen no. 2 and the fire breathing of Kyoujuro was a tremendous clash of strength and power.

On the other hand, Mitsuri Kanroji’s battle was well described as supple, with the softness of her body at the forefront.

Both battles are enjoyable as they provide a contrast to Kyoujuro’s battle.

Kyoujuro and Mitsuri Kanroji’s emotional growth is carefully portrayed.

Japanese house

Kyoujuro is a skilled swordsman.

However, because his father, Shinjuro, has abandoned his role as a Flame Hashira, there is somewhat of a lack of spirituality in him.

“I, too, will be strong as the eldest son of Rengoku family. I must be strong.”

“Don’t cry, Kyoujuro. Don’t let yourself be swallowed up.”

“That sadness will surely become an important strength someday.”

Rengoku Kyoujuro Gaiden

The above is a monologue by Kyoujuro.

In Demon Slayer, we see a mentally matured Kyoujuro as a good senior and big brother to Tanjiro.

On the other hand, one of the charms of the Gaiden is that we can see his spiritual growth.

Mitsuri Kanroji is also a newcomer.

She is troubled by the question of what kind of swordsman she wants to be, and whether she is suited to be a demon-slaying swordsman in the first place.

It’s a great story about how through rescuing civilians, Mitsuri Kanroji discovers “the kind of demon-slaying swordsman he wants to be!”

I’d love to read the Tomioka Giyu Gaiden as well!

Japanese country

In addition to Kyoujuro Kyoujuro’s Gaiden, “Demon Slayer Stories of Water and Flame” also includes “Tomioka Giyu Gaiden.”

The main character here is the water pillar, Tomioka Giyu, who is also Kamakado Tanjiro’s senior.

The bugs Hashira Kocho Shinobu also makes an appearance in this Gaiden, so please read it as well.

Extra: Spoilerific Discussion

The following section contains spoilers for “Demon Slayer” and “Demon Slayer Gaiden”.


“Spoilers OK!”
If you are, start below!

What is the relationship between Kyoujuro and Mitsuri?


Kyoujuro and Mitsuri are the central characters in this issue.

The two had a relationship as “master and disciple”.

Later on, Ms. Mitsuri Nairouji mastered her own breathing technique, “Love Breath,” and became independent from under Kyoujuro Rengoku, a user of “Flame Breath”.


Was it really just a master-student relationship?

Were they not romantically involved?

Since these questions also arose, I have discussed this part of the project in this issue.

Notice the mental state of the two.


Rengoku Kyoujuro Gaiden is about spiritual growth.

In this story, two people are beginning to face their own problems.

Rengoku Kyoujuro’s case

The heavy responsibility as the eldest son of the Rengoku family.

Anxiety about “whether he can be the next Hashira of the Flame”.

The Case of Kanroji Mitsuri

Worries about aptitude as a demon-slayer.

Complex about her appearance and her different constitution from others.

They are both outwardly cheerful and sociable.

If there are worries or negative feelings, they are not as apparent as they might appear at first glance.

However, in fact, it can be said that they are in a state of not having much mental capacity.

Kyoujuro, in particular, comes from a family that has produced Flame Hashira for generations, the “Rengoku Family”.

He inspires himself with his inherent brightness and core strength.

However, by nature, he would normally be in the same state of mind as his younger brother, Senjuro.

I assume that the first question on Kyoujuro’s mind was,

“How to rebuild the Rengoku family?”

In this way, it is more likely that “establishing oneself as a Flame Hashira” takes precedence over romance (finding a partner).

In addition, “Demon Slayer” is a manga that tends to clearly describe romantic (marital) relationships.

Based on this, I consider that at least there were no romantic feelings from Kyoujuro to Mitsuri.

On the other hand, Kanroji Mitsuri….


On the other hand, Kanroji Mitsuri….

She was always crushing on other Hashira people, so the consideration is also vague….

Later, Iguro Obanai became her true love, but before that….what was she like?


I’m curious!

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